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There's a hidden Fire Hazard in almost every home...

Lint build up in the dryer vents is an extreme fire hazard. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 24,000 clothes dryer related fires occur each year, causing an estimated $97 million in property loss. Excessive lint build up also causes the dryer to work harder resulting in higher operation costs and increased repair bills.

Dryer Manufactures, fire departments, and The US Consumer Product Safety Commission agree that annual maintenance is extremely important. In fact many insurance companies are now mandating that dryer vents in condominium complexes, town homes, and other facilities be cleaned and repaired if necessary, to prevent any risk of fire.

HVDC uses the most advanced equipment of its type. We use the combination of suction from a high-powered vacuum and rotating brushes to safely and effectively remove the dangerous lint and other debris from the venting system. Once the cleaning is completed, the system is tested for proper airflow. The venting equipment also contains the specialty tools needed to remove blockages such as bird nests and can be used to pin point the location of problems within a wall or ceiling.
Benefits of cleaning your dryer vent:
  • Eliminates the fire hazard
  • Reduces drying times
  • Saves you money on utility bills
  • Increases the life of your dryer

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