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HVDC was quick, professional, and friendly! I would definitely recommend them if you need your dryer vent cleaned! What I appreciate most is their honesty! Spot on! Thanks for great service, we'll definitely call them again!!!


I would highly recommend HVDC for your dryer duct cleaning. They are professional and they do excellent work. Our dryer works so much better now, be sure to have your vent every year, and call this company for great service!


The technician was awesome. He cleaned out my dryer vents and was very professional. He was a pleasure to work with.


I highly recommend using HVDC and have already recommended them to my neighbors! We were having major issues with our dryer due to lint build up and the vent becoming detached from the wall. They cleaned the entire area around the dryer, cleaned the vent and hose. I'm shocked at how well my dryer is working now, who knew?! Its been drying the clothes in less than the cycle where I used to have to run 2 cycles to completely dry a load. We will definitely be calling HVDC for annual maintenance from now on - they were a complete pleasure to work with.


HVDC has always done an excellent job for our association. In my opinion, they are the top performing vendor for our HOA.


I just wanted to thank you for all your courtesy, professionalism and the overall positive experience of working with your company.

From the get-go scheduling my appointment- to the day of my appointment you were both top notch. I really appreciate it.

Thank you also for taking the trouble of calling me before you arrived early to see if it was convenient for me and for all the time you took to discuss my side questions about my dryer set up. In addition you explained the vent-cleaning process and gave me some very useful tips and feedback. I think it's important to recognize good work and customer relations- so that's why I'm writing you. Thanks again!


HVDC= Excellent service, professional manner, friendly, efficient, dependable! They are the only guys we will ever call. Our dryer efficiency is dramatically increased and worth the time and money to have it serviced. We plan to have them come back to do our vents throughout the house with complete confidence they will once again deliver as promised. We are grateful to have found them back in 2014!


I just wanted to let you know the vendor HVDC did a great job yesterday. I feel they went above and beyond expectation. The technician was also very courteous and respectful. I would definitely recommend them for future use.


We wish to thank your company for the excellent dryer vent cleaning service at our residence that was completed on Saturday, Feb. 6. Since that time, the typical drying time for each load of clothing has been around one hour or less as compared to over eight hours.

Your technician was very professional, courteous and patient with all our questions. The service was efficient and very effective, especially in comparison to the company that we used prior to your company. That company failed to successfully clear the dryer venting system and also left a trail of dust from our dryer to the front door. We would definitely recommend your company's services to our neighbors and friends.


The technician from this company was completely professional in every way! He arrived on time, quickly cleaned out all the muck to make our dryer work again, worked neatly, and was reasonably priced. Can't ask for more than that! Considering what a fire hazard it is to have the dryer build up, I plan to use their company way more regularly. Terrific service!


HVDC cleaned my dryer. No other company I've used has ever done such a thorough job! They really go the extra mile and are very honest. I highly recommend!


We have used HVDC three times now and they are great. We live in an older house with terrible venting and need it cleaned every 6 months. They clean the ducts AND the dryer vents as well. We will continue to use them as long as we are in this house and any other in the area.


I'm posting this review for my mom because she's in her 80's and Yelp to her is something that cat does when you step on his tail. HVDC worked at my mom's condo in Westlake yesterday. The technician cleaned the vents and normally you would think that it would be easy to convince a super senior that she needs extra this or that with a dryer. She told me the HVDC technician suggested that her hose connect was out of date and that she needed a new one. I thought here we go. He performed the work and she called me as he not only did a very professional job but when she told me the price and for the work they did, I'll just say it was more than fair. She was moved by his professionalism, graciousness, and the value of the work. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough, but we'll be sure to call them in next year for the vent cleaning!


The technician was very informative, extraordinarily professional and competent. I will recommend this company to everyone I know.


Fantastic! HVDC came out and cleaned my dryer vent and did great work. Friendly, honest, and hard working. Highly recommend.


This is the third year I've used this service and it's been more efficient each year. Originally I called a service company to check out the dryer and they said we weren't getting much air into the unit and the vent needed to be cleaned. The HVDC technician came and once he figured out the best way to clean it out, the difference was remarkable. Now I have them come once a year and the service is fast and cost-effective. In addition to allowing the dryer to work at peak efficiency, it eliminates the fire hazard due to a build-up of lint. I've referred my friends to HVDC and highly recommend this service.


I had a new washer and dryer installed recently and the dryer now has an air flow sensor. I have never had my dryer vent cleaned in the past so I wasn't sure who to call. I found HVDC on Yelp and thought that I would give it a try since they are nearby. I called on a Tuesday and was able to get an appointment on a Thursday. I like that there is also just a one hour arrival window. The dryer vent cleaning process was less than an hour and my home was left in great condition and very clean. Next time I would consist using them for my AC duct cleaning as well. Nice friendly staff on the phone and in-person. I didn't feel pushed into purchasing anything else. It was a great overall experience.


We were referred over to HVDC. Really satisfied with the service and quality of work. The technician was friendly and took time to explain the issue we were having and the type of vent we have. He also cleaned the area around the dryer in the garage, which was a nice touch. We will hire them again for regular maintenance of the vent going forward.


I had an emergency, my dryer stopped drying. I called HVDC and was able to get a same day appointment. The technician came out and did an amazing job! He got my dryer working properly. His price was competitive. Yes, you will pay less through the ads but they do not do as great a job as HVDC. My father in law was here while they worked on the dryer and he said they were thorough, professional and honest. He is also going to be using him for his duct cleaning. I would highly recommend this company.


I HIGHLY recommend these guys for your vent and duct cleaning needs. They were timely, incredibly friendly, and very efficient in their work. I had all of my AC ducts cleaned, along with the dryer vent.

I even got a discount for having found them online! My ducts had been smelling funny post-remodel of the house, which is now gone. And apparently the dryer vent in my house was VERY dirty, which is a leading cause for house fires due to the large flame employed by drying machines. I'll be having my vents and ducts cleaned annually now that I know!


Today was the second time I had these folks out to make our dryer functional again (it had been a couple years and long overdue). Kind of a long, underground vent run for the dryer with no way to change it. The tech came out and got it cleaned out, flowing like crazy good and even got to the collected lint and yuck inside the front panel of the dryer.

I highly recommend them whenever there's a need... Or even just for a tune up! The office girl is very affable and returns phone calls and is quick to schedule you in (especially in urgent situations like mine was!). These guys are highly trustworthy, have a professional demeanor and do a full, complete, and thorough job. Not leaving until they're satisfied things are put right. I think pretty darned reasonably priced for all that they do. In an industry full of fakes and frauds, this is the husband and wife run team you can trust to do the job correctly and completely. A+++


The best vent and duct cleaners in the area! The technician was very knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. I was referred to the company by the tenant of a home I rent out and was extremely pleased by their service. I had previously called another company that quoted me a lower price on the phone, but the price would increase if the duct space was larger then 8 ft. long. HVDC was up front about what they charge and do not try to scam you with hidden fees. By far, the best company I've worked with for vent and duct cleaning services.


HVDC did a wonderful job on my dryer vent cleaning today. Service was above and beyond my expectations, the technician was courteous and knowledgeable, on time and efficient. I am going to have them come out on a regular basis every six months to do a cleaning as a result of my positive experience with them. Highly recommended.


Our dryer was not drying so I called our appliance company. They referred me to HVDC. The tech came and did his thing and all was well again in our home,happy wife better life. efficient ,polite,and billed just right.

i have a new relationship in the vent cleaning business,posted his service card to the water heater next to the dryer,for next years service


HVDC did a very thorough job in a timely manner and recommended a replacement vent coil for more efficient drying. They were very efficient and completed the job 15 minutes ahead of his estimated time.


The technician was efficient, courteous, friendly and effective! He came to my residence when he said he would and he was very helpful. He offered advice and is an expert at vent and duct cleaning. He is very professional and I would definitely use this company again. My wife and I are very impressed with the work and level of service.


The HVDC tech was very helpful and went above and beyond just cleaning my dryer vent! He moved cabinets and created access for my vent. He spent a great deal of time getting the vent clean, along with the dryer itself. I had used another company earlier in the year that did not actually do the work I had thought I was paying for and the tech confirmed the vent had not been cleaned correctly. I am very happy with the service and honesty and will use HVDC again for my yearly cleaning. I just dried my first load of clothes that was taking 2 hours before they came by and it only took 40 mins! Thanks!


I can't tell you how good it is to find a company that treats you with respect & values your business. HVDC is one such company. The office girl returned my call within 30 minutes & set up an appointment for just a few days later. The technician arrived for my appointment within the specified time. He was courteous, informative, & took the time to check my attic for concerns I had re where the dryer vent terminated. All the technicians & staff I have dealt with in this company have been wonderful. I will continue calling them for yearly cleaning.


The technician came to my home today and cleaned out the dryer vent for us. He possibly saved us from having a home fire with all that had built up in the vent. He were prompt, courteous, happy, answered all my questions and I felt very comfortable with him in my home. When he left there was no mess left behind.

When I called for an appointment there was not a time slot that was convenient for me but I was fitted-in to the time I asked for! That meant a lot to me! What great service. This was truly a great experience. Having someone in your home is not always a good experience but I have to say HVDC is an exception. Thank you................


The HVDC technician was very friendly and professional. He did a great job on my dryer vent. I would highly recommend.


Awesome work! Great costumer service! The dryer is finally functioning at high gear!!! Recommend HVDC!!


Just had HVDC out to clean my VERY clogged dryer vent. The technician was so helpful, informative and professional!!! I had called many other places to have this service done and their prices were double what HVDC charged and I am 100% confident that he did a better job than they would have and in far less time, too. Don't go anywhere else to have your dryer vent cleaned! HVDC is the best!

Justine M.

Technician arrived right on time . Cheerful and did a wonderful job. We plan on having him come once a year in the future. Thank You!!!


I was having a major problem with my clothes dryer vent--it was completely clogged! I called HVDC and was able to get an appointment within a few days. The technician was here even before my scheduled appointment time and was able to clear the clogged vent, remove lint from the dryer itself, and replace the hose from the dryer to the vent. I am so relieved to have a fully functioning dryer again, and I am going to do a better job of having it maintained in the future! The company also cleans heating and air conditioning vents...so that is next on my list. I will recommend HVDC to everyone I know.


Quick, honest, friendly! Diagnosed and repaired our problem with ease. Thank you!!


Just had my dryer vent cleaned and serviced by HVDC. My home is about 12 years old and I didn't have a clue that there's about a 20' vent going from my laundry room through walls to the front of my house. We just purchased a new dryer and the sensor indicated that the air flow wasn't so good, so I gave HVDC a call. They were very accommodating and scheduled an appointment for the next day, early in the morning to suit our hectic schedule. The technician arrived promptly at the agreed time, performed the service with minimal intrusion, was spotlessly clean and even my animals liked him! I will happily recommend HVDC to any of my neighbors or friends. They were recommended to me by our appliance company who we have used ever since moving to the Conejo Valley area.

I didn't realize that the dryer duct gets full of lint & debris over time, and that it is a major cause of home fires. Luckily my new dryer has that sensor and it made me aware that it is necessary to keep the duct clear by servicing it about once a year. This is a job that needs to be done by a professional with the correct equipment, and HVDC is the place to call.


HVDC are the best I have used. They are on time and have excellent service. I highly recommend them. I use them every 6 months to keep everything flowing smoothly. I have not come across anyone better!


Professional, on time, responsive, and a good rate. I would definitely use them


This company was fantastic to work with. Absolutely fantastic customer service from all of the individuals that I worked with. I would easily recommend them to anyone looking for a vent cleaning service.


I would highly recommend HVDC for your dryer duct cleaning. They were prompt, friendly and very professional. The technician vacuumed and replaced my hose within 30 minutes. They did a great job.

Nancy M.

We just moved into our new home, and the clothes dryer was not working properly. I did research, and found that a clogged dryer vent was the likely cause. I checked around, and found HVDC.

The rep from HVDC came at the time he was scheduled, and within 30 minutes both vacuumed and snaked the vent to make sure it was clean. We have done a few loads of laundry since then, and it definitely worked! I would definitely recommend HVDC to anybody who is in need of this service.


I've had my dryer for 10 years & have never had the vent cleaned. Not a good idea. My dryer had a fishy smell & was heating up but not drying anything. I called Sears, cause it's their dryer, & they charge by the foot, seriously. I contacted my association & they recommended HVDC. The technician came out & diagnosed the problem as the vent being severely clogged & some kind of animal, rodent or bird, that had gotten in there. He cleaned the vent & the area around the dryer which I really appreciated. The HVDC business card is on my fridge for an appt next year & I will call. The technician was the utmost professional & very informative about possible fires that could occur which is really scary. Have your vents cleaned people. I have a pet peeve about the lack of customer service these days. HVDC comes highly recommended in my book. Also, thanks for the follow-up.


My dryer was shutting off before the load was dry. I'd restart the machine but would have to repeat several times before it eventually completed the cycle. I contacted an appliance repair company whose representative diagnosed the possible problem as clogged vent and recommended HVDC for the job. I got an appointment within days and the technician came out to clear the vent. The job was completed within 1/2 an hour and since then my 12 year old dryer is working like brand new again. I highly recommend this company. HVDC was professional, courteous and a pleasure to do business with.


My dryer had been running really hot and it was taking forever to dry a load. First I called an appliance repair company who told me my entire vent needed to be cleaned and recommended I didn't use the dryer until it was cleaned because it was a fire hazard. I called my HOA and was referred to HVDC. Their technician came out and in addition to thoroughly cleaning the vent he replaced the outside vent cover which wasn't to code. By the way, the vent outside wasn't located where the HOA told me it was, but the tech found it and completed the job. I've only been in my home for 9 months and for all I know the vent has never been cleaned. HVDC is knowledgeable, professional, and very friendly. I will definitely be calling them next year to clean the vent again.


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